Our History


The history of Jade Bronze is its people. We are industry professionals comprising over thirty years of involvement and experience in the green bean and specialty coffee industry. However, experience itself is a bit overrated unless that experience is steeped in a genuine appreciation for other cultures and a love of the unique history of coffee in those cultures. Industry experts that imagine their own personal preferences as the unalterable norm do the industry and their clients a great disservice.

Fads, trends and marketing angles come and go with the wind. True culture and heritage, by their very definition, are a product of longevity and tradition handed down for generations. They cannot be purchased or mimicked and effortlessly resist extinction. They endure and define generations and regions. They extend value and speak of friendship and the very best social attributes of a country or its people. So it is with experts. If what the expert has learned and applied is a theoretical solution from a one-dimensional base of experience, it ceases to have the depth required to adequately meet the needs of a diverse clientele or culture.

At Jade Bronze we have been involved in coffee projects in over thirty countries. Our love of coffee is not based on a one-size-fits-all model. At Jade Bronze, our love of coffee is born of a deep sense of something beyond ourselves, and a genuine respect for others that love coffee and come to us. That kind of history and tradition deserves to be included in the process and not treated as an afterthought.

At Jade Bronze we operate from the perspective that the sun does not rise and fall solely with the American coffee experience. We desire to build a brand that remains steadfastly committed to recognizing and incorporating other coffee traditions and experiences, without ever losing our core identity.


Distant Lands, One Brand
History Restored, Never Ignored