Our Mission


Coffee connects the world. And no one connects the world of coffee like Jade Bronze. Only Jade Bronze approaches specialty coffee with a world-view and world experience and only Jade Bronze is founded on the belief that America is not the center of the coffee universe. It's time for an awakening and we are proud to be giving the wake up call. We think everyone should know that something as deep, diverse and universal as coffee has no center.

While specialty coffee, new-style espresso and gourmet coffee based beverages, are rapidly advanced by several renowned coffee giants, the beauty and diversity of coffee’s history has been uniformly ignored. We don't believe that a trendy coffee culture of less than three decades should be a model that replaces coffee cultures that have existed for hundreds of years. In fact, we are in the business of connecting today with yesterday. Modern methods of marketing, operations, branding, trade, roasting methods and retailing can help the bottom line without having to sacrifice centuries of tradition.

To put this into action, the team at Jade Bronze provides the middle ground.

Imagine a company with a combined three decades of experience in the specialty coffee industry working with you to introduce modern coffee trends without ever losing sight of your past. Consider the possibility that your coffee heritage, honorifics, cultural nuances, product terminology, regional and national taste profiles, architectural styles and relational associations were seamlessly blended with a new and popular style of coffee products. Imagine that you were able to do this without losing brand consistency or infrastructure and support. Imagine working with a company that actually cares about your country’s unique coffee heritage. A company that works with you to blend the honor of that heritage with an espresso menu that appeals to a new generation of coffee consumers.

Are we qualified? Dignitaries and coffee professionals around the world say yes.

Are we unique?  We think so.

Jade Bronze is: Real Coffee. Real People. Real Business.