“E-learning” is the most recent technology designed to teach students, whether owners, managers or employees, without the need of an instructor or trainer to be present. Students can learn at their own pace, whenever and wherever they want, and all students are learning exactly the same thing. The program is designed so that, no matter how a student learns, whether through visual learning, auditory learning, or kinesthetic learning, the courses use all dimensions so that each student learns quickly and efficiently. Each format is equally important and crucial in providing optimal training as well as giving our partners the confidence they need in knowing their staff is ready to serve their customers and help build the Jade Bronze brand. Every Jade Bronze master licensed region will be evaluated and customized as needed for that area.

For instance, if there is reading material a student needs to learn, in some areas the student will simply read the material at their own pace. In other instances, a narrator will read the material as the student follows along or, alternatively, an animated scene will play-out demonstrating the material as the narrator reads it. Watching some video footage following the reading enhances the information covered. And finally, the material is reinforced by having students recall and apply the information in an interactive activity or quiz.

Video Training

In addition to reading or hearing information, another cornerstone in a complete learning environment is video training. While documented procedures like training manuals are foundational, video courses and visual step-by-step aids are crucial in providing trainees with the necessary learning aids required to fully grasp procedures that must be followed precisely. In our drink preparation videos, for instance, our trainers are masters of their craft in preparing and serving both hot and cold beverages. In each video they use that same patience and artfulness in their teaching style. In emulating these instructors, your baristas will be ready to serve the most discriminating customer. Our training, as well as our overall goal, is to ensure that your Jade Bronze operation is known for high quality, artful preparation and streamlined service. This optimal performance from your staff is a major component in building your Jade Bronze empire and maximizing profits.

Course Testing

While manuals and videos are necessary for your staff to be the best baristas, you need to have assurance that they are ready. Jade Bronze course testing and quizzing provides you and your managers need to assess readiness. Jade Bronze certified tests and quizzes help you in assessing not only knowledge but skill level.

Once the student has completed the course, the student will take a final test on the course. If the student doesn’t pass the test, you can set the options to reflect that the student be required to retake the course. Once the student completes all the courses, the student will receive a certificate of completion automatically.

With multiple stores, each store manager can have access to their store employees’ records without getting into other stores’ records. Store manageELearning Steamingrs can watch the progress an employee makes, keep an eye on scores to determine how well that person is doing, and identify areas where he or she may need extra help.

Each student’s record reflects the courses in progress, courses they have completed, the overall score for each of the courses, and individual answers for each test. A manager can review each student’s test to see areas they may need improvement.

Any time there are course revisions or new courses added, the changes will be reflected automatically for all registered users.

Online training programs include:

  • Barista Certification
  • Orientation
  • Equipment Parts & Operation
  • Espresso Bar Layout
  • Espresso Extraction
  • Milk Steaming
  • Hot and Cold Espresso Drink Recipes for All Sizes
  • Frappe & Smoothie Preparation
  • Brewed Coffee & Tea
  • Customer Service Skills

Jade Bronze is: Real Coffee. Real People. Real Business.