Frezoca Frappé and Smoothie Mix is as delicious as it is profitable. Combining high quality ingredients with a competitive price point, Frezoca is positioned to explode as the next great brand in the frozen drink market. Frappé and Smoothie mixes help to balance sales for coffee shops during warmer seasons when hot drink sales are lower. In regions of the world where the climate is considerably warmer throughout the year, frozen drinks are even more important for in-store sales. With so many boring brands that offer boring packaging as well, Frezoca is bound to excite your customer base and help increase sales. With competitive margins, your cost of goods will be lower and thus increase profits. Get all six of our exciting flavors now and turn your cold drink menu into hot profits!


Jade Bronze Coffee


Fairly trading goes beyond coffee.

As a global coffee chain, Jade Bronze has the kind of product lineup you'd expect. Some would say better than expected. From branded merchandise and packaged goods for resale to inventory items like syrups and drink bases, Jade Bronze can provide it. That is what you'd expect.

But Jade Bronze is a different kind of global coffee chain. We believe that every product we purchase to use or sell represents real people doing real work in order to sustain their own life. Many have families and most make just enough in order to sustain a normal life... but each one has hopes and dreams. If the prices we buy our products at do not allow these people to realize just a few of those dreams, then we are valuing a slightly increased profit more than we value people.Jade Bronze Coffee Bag

We will never be able to alleviate all of the economic suffering in the world. However, at Jade Bronze we will never knowingly purchase or sell anything that contributes to that cycle of poverty. Whenever possible, Jade Bronze seeks out businesses that share our ethics and that never engage in the purchase of items from sweatshops or factories that use child labor.Jade Bronze Drive-thru

Trading fairly for us goes beyond coffee – it is a cornerstone of our business. While it is true that there is much poverty in the world of coffee trading as well as products related to coffee, the problem will persist unless global coffee chains start acting more responsible. We believe that with a little effort, we can do remarkable things in the lives of the workers we rely on for our business and yet still maintain very healthy profit margins. Imagine what could be done in a sustainable business model that actually follows its convictions. We’ll do our best and you can keep an eye on us. If you think we could do better, tell us. We're listening.



Jade Bronze is: Real Coffee. Real People. Real Business.