On Site Training

Along with E-Learning training and the online coffee library, Jade Bronze is available to do on site training. On site training is part of any master licensing relationship and the standard costs are included in the initial fees*.  After the initial training, all training is done via the E-Learning platform.

*If a master licensee chooses to add any additional training sessions, training is billed at $1,000 a day plus travel and accommodations.

Sample On Site Training Schedule

Day 1


Espresso Skills

A. Equipment Parts & Operation

B Extraction

C. Steaming

Day 2

Espresso Skills (cont.)

D. Espresso Drink Preparation

E. Coffee Knowledge

F. Equipment Cleaning & Maintenance

Hands-On Practice

Day 3

Frappé & Smoothie

A. General Frappé & Smoothie Knowledge

B. Blender Parts & Operation

C. Drink Preparation

D. Recipes – vision for customization

E. Blender Cleaning & Maintenance

Hands-On Practice

Day 4

Brewed Coffee

Overview (Contingent)

Customer Service

General Overview


Repetition & Review